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Copywriting sells, content writing builds

Content is the blood pumping through the attention economy.

Fresh, regular and high-quality content is what Google looks for when deciding whose site goes to number 1 when your target customer goes searching. How much, how good and how regular does your content need to be?

The simple answer: better than your competitors.


Filling your content gap, results driven content

If you want to attract and convert customers, you need to feed the internet’s insatiable hunger for regular, fresh and quality content.

Feeding something that’s always hungry is a problem. Especially because, as a business owner, you probably lack the time and professional writing skill to pump out great content consistently.

We don’t – because content is all we do.

Content writers in Brisbane, Gold Coast and surrounds

Filling your blogging, content and copywriting gaps

A content writing team

At Search And Site Authoring, we are a local Brisbane team of writers and editors who work together on every project. Team work means we’re more efficient in our focus on creating great content for your static website pages and blogs posts.

We come from backgrounds in advertising, journalism, editing, publishing and web development.

We will meet with you face to face to get to know your business. What industry you’re in. What your industry is like. What makes you different.
We will go further than supplying you with a stream of content. We can also help you with messaging strategy, general copywriting, video scripts and speechwriting.

The goal is always the same: Ensuring you say enough of the right things online so you get heard by enough of the right people.
Your next customers.

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