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Your business needs to publish original, quality content online consistently.


You don’t have the time
You don’t have the talent
You don’t have the temperament


Search And Site Authoring does.


Stop worrying about your content gap. Let Search And Site Authoring connect you to a supply of original, reliable, relevant and engaging writing.

Just choose one of our simple packages.

Our content writing packages

BOOST authority and SEO with completely original, magazine-quality, 1000-word blog articles:

  • Weekly blog posts – $999 monthly
  • Fortnightly blog posts – $649 monthly
  • Monthly blog posts – $349 monthly

All other copywriting services – landing pages, webpages, sales EDMs, video scripts and brochure copy – are also available at competitive quoted rates. Call us for a quote.

Everything will be delivered by fast, experienced, professional copywriters, editors and journalists who know it’s about profit, not poetry.

How it works

  1. We discuss with you what your business needs.
  2. We put together a quote.
  3. We come to an agreement.
  4. Then we connect you to a constant pipeline of original, reliable and relevant writing that boosts your SEO and
    keeps people coming back to your site.

Writing content isn’t complicated, it’s just difficult

No, writing isn’t easy. At SASA, we’re trained, talents and experienced in putting the right words together in the right way. It’s hard, but it’s what we do.

Think of it like this:

A. Your audience wants to read interesting, original and valuable stuff.

B. You have information you need conveyed accurately to a target audience.

C. Your site is where they get it.

Search engines use automated metrics to check that A + B = C. When it all checks out, your rank rises. When customers find your website content compelling, your organic enquiries rise too.

Where does SASA come in?

We’re the plus sign and the equals sign.

We give you the answers in writing.

Call Search And Site Authoring today to stop worrying about your content gap. Call 04 878 365 69