About Search and Site Authoring

The company

Search And Site Authoring (SASA) is a team of professional writers drawn from backgrounds in advertising, journalism and web development.

Serving businesses in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich and surrounds, we’re locals backed by 15 years of experience in writing effective online content.

SASA exists to solve a specific business problem

What problem? That your website needs content to drive online visibility and onsite sales, but you probably don’t have the time, talent or temperament to write enough content to make a difference.

That’s where we come in.

We solve your problems in writing

We find many other content and copywriters come from arts and literature. Too many are staffed by novellists trying to make a buck while waiting to hear back from a publisher. We’re not like that. Our background isn’t in sending manuscripts to publishers, it’s in being publishers.
Our process is simple and direct. We:

  1. Help you work out what you need to say through a content and SEO audit
  2. Figure out how to connect with your audience through a content strategy
  3. Write what you need your audience to read in a format they want to read
  4. Track your ROI through expert analytics reporting.

We write your business right

At SASA, we love sharing information – knowledge, facts and figures – and seeing the effect it has on customers.
We’re more like word engineers than literary scholars. Where poets want readers to feel, we want prospects to move!

To call you. To email you. To click your buy button!

The heroes we write about aren’t knights in shining armour, they’re businesspeople who have grit and a dream. To us, this reality is far more inspiring than fiction. Why? Because we’re businesspeople too!

It’s why we’re about reliability, results and profits.

It’s why we’re about feeding search engines the content that pushes your website up the rankings.

It’s why our words are precise, accurate and effective.

To be blunt, at Search and Site Authoring we will sound like you, but better. No one will know it wasn’t you at the keyboard, and you’ll be able to stop worrying about your content gap.

Solve your content gap today. Contact Search And Site Authoring.