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Get your website written right, all from a local Brisbane-based team

Looking for reliable and
local website copywriters? 

Professional and persuasive content written for a standard four-page site – Home-About-Services-Contact – from just $1,199.

Finally, someone who can put your business in the right words!

When you’re launching – or re-launching – your business website, it’s so hard to sum it all up in words. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just talk to Brisbane-based experts who knew the right questions to ask and, then, just let them handle it all?

And, going further, wouldn’t it be nice if these writers understood how small business works and weren’t afraid of the technical details that give you your edge?

If this is you, it’s fair to say you’re looking to work with professionals who have the skills, experience and processes to do the job right. First time, every time.

If this is you, you’re looking for an agency like Search And Site Authoring.

Let’s get to work!

At SASA, we’re a Brisbane-based team of copywriters who are systematic, accurate and reliable. We’re here to lead you through the entire copywriting task in order to create persuasive and powerful content for your website. Written to spec. Delivered on time.

It outlines the process, the timeline
and the pricing in simple black and white.

Clear processes, clear results

At Search And Site Authoring (SASA), we play it straight down the line, progressing the written content for your website through Stages of Work that keep everything controlled and on track.

Ideally, you’ll bring us into the project before you’ve written anything, when all you have are your plans and a readiness to fill your Homepage, About Us, Services and Contact pages with great content.

From there, we can lead you through: consulting with you, zeroing in on your target audience, developing the key messages and gathering the info we need to identify, explain and position the key aspects of your business.

Next, we write “perfect as possible” content for each page. Because we’re so damn thorough in our consultations with you, these Version 1 drafts usually require very few tweaks from you. And then it’s all done and we can hand the content over to your website developer … or set you up with one!

All up, for you, it can be as simple as a single meeting, reading a few documents and some simple emails. 

Yes. We can make writing the right content to fill a Home-About-Services-Contact sitemap into the simplest part of the whole website development process.

So, how does it work?

  1. Contact us to discuss your website launch or re-launch plans.
  2. We’ll review the scope, sitemap and any existing work.
  3. If we’re good to go, we’ll send you our commencement invoice.
  4. When you make the commencement payment, we’ll tee up a discovery session to get the brief.
  5. Then we get cracking! 
  6. We can then have all site content researched, drafted, written and approved in as little as 15 working days.

Of course, if there are extras – such as extended sitemaps, dedicated SEO work or just large volumes of info to include – these factors will be clearly costed out before we move forward. We don’t like surprises, and we definitely don’t like springing them on you!

When writing the content to fill a site is a headache, we’re here to cure it.
Find out how SASA does it,

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what others are saying about Search And Site Authoring:

“Martin is the most professional copywriter I have ever had the pleasure to work with.” Sharney Ryan, owner Mash Media Marketing
“If you've written a draft, get prepared for a lot of red ink that denotes changes - all of them to the betterment of your end product!” Vincent Kelly, Business Development with
“Such a professional approach... Impeccable attention to detail.” Anna Pearce, Copywriter, Creative Visionary, Personal Trainer
“So many creative people who come into projects are dragged off-task into the left field. Martin doesn't do that. He just takes the brief and does it how it should be done.” Nick Dorogavtsev, Business Cash Flow Consultant

Who are we anyway?

Search and Site Authoring is led by Managing Editor Martin Rusis. His 15 years of experience in business, industrial and technical copywriting and editorship is backed by a handpicked local team of copywriters, graphic designers and copy editors. Combined, the Search And Site Authoring team covers every facet of written content production – print and digital.

Engineering, scientific and mathematical concepts: we like them. Making technical jargon, precise specifications and engineering terminology palatable to target audiences: our specialty. Our fields of expertise:

Professional services and financial practices
Allied health and medical
IT and software solutions
Technical and engineering
Machinery and construction.

 With a methodical and process-driven approach to strategic and technical copywriting, plus the capacity to drive and develop marketing meetings in person or by videoconference, Search and Site Authoring are Brisbane-based copywriting leaders.

Yes, we’re Brisbane-based, so we’re happy to meet in person.